Charlotte Tarrant Equestrian Coach


  • Charlotte has an excellent teaching style, clear, direct and gave us the confidence to work much more effectively with our respective horses. The improvement in Molly’s riding and control over a show jumping course has been huge in the time Charlotte has been training with her. Her confidence has come on in leaps and bounds. In respective of Meg in the space of a year her horse and her have gone from poor dressage scores to achieving her first 10 in a dressage test. Her overall dressage marks are going from strength to strength. After a nasty fall out on a cross country course her confidence had hit rock bottom, working with Charlotte meant Meg was back competing within two weeks and came 6th overall at her first one day event since her fall. Charlotte was instrumental in firstly training Meg for her pony club B test and helping her to pass with flying colours. We can’t recommend her enough for her friendly, inspiring and successful training methods.

    Meg & Molly Witherington
  • Charlotte has been my instructor for 4 years and has helped me improve from a reasonably capable enthusiast to a competitive dressage rider. She helped me a lot with my jumping when I moved to the riding school she managed in 2010 and helped me build my confidence tenfold until I was competing around 3ft tracks, after being too scared to jump a small cross pole! When I left the riding school and moved on to loaning horses Charlotte came with me as a private instructor and helped me improve on the flat, coaching me from Intro to Elementary level dressage in a year whilst also improving my scores from 50% to pushing 70%. Without Charlotte's help I would probably still be dumbling around an arena. Apart from being my riding instructor she has become a friend and I hope that she will remain my instructor in the future.

    Faye Watson
  • I have had lessons with Charlotte for several years now with a variety of horses, each she has taken the time to ride herself so she is then able to give me direct and proper instructions on how to get the best out of each of my horses. Charlotte makes all my lessons very enjoyable and active, whether it be dressage or jumping, giving plenty of helpful feedback through out the lesson and ensuring all aims for that lesson are met, meaning I always leave my lessons with a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Charlotte is extremely supportive and very knowledgeable in what she is saying, picking up on many of my errors which she then proceeds to correct. She also gives exercises which can be taken away and done in your own time, meaning you are constantly progressing and always feeling improvement every time you have another lesson. I cannot recommend her enough to any level of rider!

    Emily Preece
  • Charlotte Tarrant’s instruction has been invaluable in developing my own riding and in training my new event horse. When I bought him two years ago, Terry my 16.3 Selle Francais gelding, would not go through water, refused fences if there was a puddle either side of it, would nap the moment he left the cross-country starting gate, and was incredibly wary of rustic fences in general. Charlotte worked with me to improve the strength of my aiding when riding cross-country so that I was able to improve Terry’s confidence too. After less than a year of lessons with her, working at home in the arena as well as off-site at cross-country courses such as Tweseldown and Iping, Terry and I managed to complete a BE affiliated one day event. Last summer we even managed to place 7th at Rackham after a textbook cross-country clear, something which had seemed like it might be impossible when I first bought him. Charlotte has always been very patient, but tough when I needed her to push me to achieve my equestrian goals. Her tuition has been absolutely vital in building the relationship between Terry and I, and in introducing me to affiliated British Eventing seven years ago. I am excited to see how far her training can help me progress in the coming years.

    Amy Clarke
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